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  • There are 2,501 Primary School Teachers as at 2017.
  • There will need to be 3,103 Primary School Teachers as at 2022.
  • This is a growth of 602 Primary School Teachers.
  • This is a growth rate of 24.1%

Becoming a Primary School Teacher?

What is a Primary School Teacher?

Primary School teachers are a vital tool in the growth of young children, as they educate them by planning and conducting an educational programme to develop literacy and numeracy skills as well as monitoring the physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth of their students. Primary school teachers are trained to teach students from Kindergarten/Prep to Year 6.


Focusing on the Primary years (from Prep to Year 6), this degree offers you the opportunity to gain the unique knowledge and expertise needed to educate young learners.

Entry Requirements
  • English (4, SA) or equivalent
  • Mathematics A (4, SA) or equivalent
  • Science (4, SA) or equivalent
  • A statement addressing suitability criteria. For information on selection guidelines, including the process for assessing an applicant's non-academic capabilities, please see the selection guidelines for initial teacher education courses.


University of Southern Queensland – Bachelor of Education (Primary)
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Primary School Teachers Fact Sheet

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