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  • There are 2,536 Child Carers Carers as at 2017.
  • There will need to be 3,386 Child Carers as at 2022 to accommodate for increasing demand.
  • This is a growth of 850 Child Carers.
  • This is a growth rate of 33.5%

Becoming a Child Carer

What is a Child Carer?

A Child Carer is someone who assists with the needs of infants and young children in a range of settings such as child care centres, hospitals and education centres. This involves guiding the social, emotional, physical and educational development of children. Child care workers are essential in managing children’s behaviour and social interactions.


Early childhood education involves caring for and teaching pre-primary students to enhance their development. Our child care courses will equip you to provide high-quality care and plan developmentally-appropriate experiences to help children reach their full potential.


TAFE Queensland - Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care - CHC50113
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TAFE Queensland - Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care - CHC30113
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Child Carers Fact Sheet

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