First 140 jobs available on $5.2b military vehicle project

Posted: 13th Feb

The first batch of jobs on Australia's nation-building Land 400 Project has been released.

According to Rheinmetall careers, about 140 jobs on the Land 400 project have been released, mostly based in Hamburg.

They include welders, electronics systems engineers, account officers, project leaders and quality control officers.

Rheinmetall is searching for a vehicle engineering manager to work in Hamburg for about two years before relocation to Brisbane.

The man in charge of the company's Land 400 program Rüdiger Britzen, said all phases of the project would be worth about $9.5 billion.

In total, about 600 wheeled and tracked vehicles will be built.

In March Rheinmetall was successful in securing the $5.2 billion Land 400 Phase Two contract from the Commonwealth of Australia.

Rheinmetall will build one Boxer CRV every three days from its Redbank facility when it opens in early 2020.

Mr Britzen said the largest contract in the history of Rheinmetall required skilled workers to join the company in Germany and Australia.

"We are looking for specialists and managers from a wide variety who want to create something new in a high performing and highly motivated team," he said.

"Everybody in the program will be able to drive success out of his role.

"Those who want to work abroad will find a great opportunity in Land 400 in the sense that we can fill positions in Germany and in Australia."

Mr Britzen said the company provided opportunities for people to grow.

"We've been focussing on people and how people work together," he said.

"We promote talent through clear perspectives and training programs."

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