Links for Employers of People living with disability

Posted: 3rd Jul

Did you know that one in five Australians lives with disability?

Don’t miss out on this pool of people – add to your diverse workforce and build your business.

These links may be useful:

Workcover Qld site detailing practical ideas on reasonable adjustments for employees with mental health considerations:

JobAccess – national hub for information including support, rights and responsibilities, information about different disability types:

Free Disability Awareness Training - A simple to use (free) awareness training tool that anyone can complete on-line – a more aware workforce leads to better team building and success in the workplace:

State Government Page detailing DES (Disability Employment Service Providers), wage subsidies and other supports available to employers:

 Anti-Discrimination Commission Qld detailing ideas around adjustments that can be made to ensure workplaces are getting the best of the advantages of employing a person living with disability. These adjustments can be much easier than anticipated:

The National Disability Coordination Officers are funded by the Federal Department of Education & Training to improve the participation of people with disability in Tertiary Education and subsequent employment. The Qld NDCO’s are happy to discuss disability employment and can link you with appropriate services. Check out their webpage for resources and contact details:

Qld Department of Education and Training page detailing Reasonable Adjustment including fact sheet, case studies, checklist and a plan that may be used: