Ipswich and West Moreton Jobs

Posted: 22nd Jun

Welcome to Ipswich and West Moreton Jobs. RDA Ipswich & West Moreton, Ipswich City Council and Lockyer Valley Regional Council have partnered to assist with the economic development of the Region and connecting employers with job seekers in the region.

With a huge population growth projected, two developing master planned cities, new infrastructure being funded and with the expansion of much needed services in all sectors; it is clear that a number of new jobs will be created. Ipswich and West Moreton Jobs aims to connect you to these jobs in an easy way as well as assist in supporting your individual needs to give you the best chance of securing the position you want.

Contained in this website are lots of tools, links and options to help you find the job you are searching for. We anticipate that employers will start listing some of their available positions on this site – giving you the first opportunity to pick and choose what you would like to apply for.

Group and one-on-one assistance is available for all employers and job seekers as well as great training options to further you for an exciting start to your role. For further information, please read all of our noticeboard listings or feel free to contact our IWM Jobs Project Officer on 07 2812 4144.