Looking For An Assistant In Lockyer Valley


Lockyer, QLD

Posted 2/12/2019


If you're looking for a job that signs off the days for a second year visa, THIS IS IT!

Your job will include checking in and checking out people, organise work, be the person of contact for the workers etc...

You will be staying in a share house and the busiest moments will be early in the morning and afternoon.
You'll have one day off a week, but you will be signed off for a full week.

You have to be punctual, loyal, reliable, able to work independently and have a positive attitude.

You have to have a drivers license and be able to drive a manual.

Starting day is asap and the duration is for at least 3 months, your first week will be a training period with free accommodation but no wage to see if you can handle it.

Please don't bother applying if you're not willing to work long days and putting your heart to it.

Thanks in advance!


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